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Field of activity


1- All mechanical works (Gas turbine, steam turbine, boilers, pumps, air compressors, water
treatment equipment... etc. with all accessory)

2- Piping works (shop prefabrication, field installation, sandblast and painting) for all material and size (CS, SS, ALLOY, FRB, HDPE, PVC & CPVC...) with all required test according to the standard requirement .Above and underground.

3- Fire protection systems.

4- Steel structural building assembly and disassembly

5- All type and design of petroleum, chemical and water tanks construction works

6- Piping and equipment's insulation works

7- Pipeline civil and mechanical works.

8- Electrical works (tray, conduits, cabling and termination)

9- Instruments (cabling, termination, calibration).

10- Public and Hydraulic works (Category 7)

11- HVAC Works Prefabrication and Installation (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

Other Projects

  • Boosting III Hassi R’mel

    - Description: Travaux de Soudage
    - Client : JGC Algeria Spa
    - Projet: Boosting III Hassi R'mel
    - Localisation: Hassi R'mel /Algérie
    - Etat projet: En cours

  • Centrale Electrique en Turbines a Gaz 17.125 MW à Tindouf

    - Description: Travaux de Montage et commissioning de Quatre (04) Turbines a Gaz en skid
    - Client : PW Power System LLC
    - Projet: Centrale Electrique en Turbines a Gaz 17.125 MW à Tindouf
    - Localisation: Tindouf /Algérie
    - Etat projet: En cours  

  • Projet CCPP 1398MW Jijel

    - Description: Travaux de Préfabrication et Installation HVAC (Chauffage, ventilation, Air conditionné)
    - Client: Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd
    - Projet: Projet CCPP 1398MW Jijel
    - Localisation: Jijel Bellera / Algérie.
    - Etat projet: En cours

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